Patrick Keane - Downtown Eden

Season 4, Ep 0402 10/23/2009 Views: 2,498

You think Compton's tough? Trying hanging out in the Book of Genesis for a night or so. (2:28)

and ask a girl for a lap dance,

uh, make sure she worksat the club.

You know?

Otherwise, a jealous boyfriend'scoming up to you:

"Hey, man, why'd you thinkmy girl's a stripper, man?

Why'd you thinkmy girl's a stripper?"

"Oh, I don't know.Maybe it was the way she acted

"when I pulled outa one-dollar bill.

"Apparently, she hasn't seena lot of those

"in your time together.

Might want to pick upa second job there, Jethro."

I, uh... I asked a girlthe other night at a bar,

I said, "Hey, do you wanta ride home?"

And she said,"You know, that'd be great,

"since you did pick me up,

and we came herefour hours ago together."


she, uh...she started hitting me.

Nothing I haven't seen before.

But it got me thinking,uh, you know,

where'd all this violencecome from?

How did we get to this pointin history, you know?

How did the worldget so violent?

And the world never got violent.

There is no "got".

The world has been violentsince the beginning.

Cain killed Abel, you know?

Cain killed Abel.

The third person on the planet

killed the fourth personon the planet.

We weren't even ableto make it to three people

before somebody was a murderer.

At one time, a third

of the people on the planetwere murderers, man.

A third of the peoplein the hood aren't murderers.

A third of the peoplewho own guns aren't murderers.

A third of the people in jailaren't even murderers.

San Quentin, Folsom Prisonand Alcatraz--

safer than the book of Genesis.

You thought Comptonand Baghdad were tough.

Try downtown Edenafter the sun goes down.

There was some bad stuffgoing on.

There was murder and violenceat person three.

Person three.

One couple had two boyswho had the world to themselves,

and one of them was claiming,

"This town ain't big enoughfor the two of us, man."

Cain killed 25%of the world's population.

That's more than Stalin, Hitler,Idi Amin, Pol Pot,

King Herod, Genghis Khan,the English, Manifest Destiny,

typhoid, cancer, AIDS, cooties--

all combined, man.

Cain killed a thirdof the people he knew.

A third of the people he knew.

He knew three people.

He killed one of them.

If you knew Cain, you had

a 66 2/3% chanceof survival, man.