Keith Robinson - Money for the Homeless

Lauletta, Prinzi, Robinson Season 2, Ep 25 05/26/1993 Views: 1,235

Celebrities give turkeys to the homeless on Thanksgiving like it's the only time they're hungry. (0:58)

I'm looking around, man.

We don't careabout the homeless.

We walk right past the homeless.

Don't care about them.

You ever see how theycome out the trains?

Y'all catch the subway too,so you could just walk,

Hi, I'm Eddie,give me some money.

I wish they did that alllike airplanes, first class.

Just folks our of nowhere.


I'm Earl, I'm hungry, man.

Who got the grub?

And these celebrities,they kill me, man.

Because like every Thanksgiving,they'll give them a turkey.

Like that's the only timethey get an appetite.

You know.

And we walk right-- homelesspeople come up and ask us

for a quarter, we get all upset.


Get away from me!

Why do you want a quarter?

Go away!

We won't give ahomeless guy a quarter,

but yet we'll flip moneyinto a wishing well

and make a damn wish about it.

We'll flip moneyover a homeless guy's

head just make a wish, man.

Out my way, youhomeless bastard.

I'm trying to make a wish here.

Gotta get my greedy self somemore money, that's what I need,