Maronzio Vance - Happy Mode

Maronzio Vance Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2012 Views: 3,272

Maronzio Vance tries to maintain his happy place after encountering a rude mall kiosk girl. (2:37)

Now I left outthe shoe store.

And I was in a happy moodbecause I had saved some money.

And I walking throughthe mall or whatever,

and you always try to bein a happy place.

Like, you ever tell yourself,I'm going to be happy,

like no matter what happens,I'm going to be in a good place.

No one's going to steal my joy.I tried that.

And, um, I was walkingthrough the mall

in happy mode, speaking topeople I don't even know,

"Hey, how you doing?What's going on?"

"All right, nice shirt. Wellbehaved kids. Nice hairstyle."

Like... I'm happy.

I'm in a good placeand I see this young lady

working at a kiosk.And, you know,

the kiosk arethose little stores

in the middle of the mall.

Now, I see the young ladyworking at the kiosk,

and I wave over to her,

"Hey, how you doing?"

And she (blows raspberry) me.

Now, you know (blows raspberry)is universal

for "Get the hell onabout your business."

But I wasn't even in her face,

like, I was across the mallin happy mode.

And she dissed me.

And I tried to ignore it, like,

"Well, maybe she having a badday. I'll keep it moving."

But something inside mesaid you need to go back

to find out what's wrong withher or what did you do to her.

And I went back overto the young lady

and I said to the girl, I said,

"Excuse me, but did youjust, like (blows raspberry) me?

And with an attitude, she says,"Yes, I did, and?"

"Yes, I did, and...?"


"I was tryingto be your friend.

"I was tryingto acknowledge the fact

"that this isn't even a store.

"You work at a kiosk."

"First of all,"kiosk" ain't even a real word.

"They made that upto decorate 'cart'.


"You sell cell phone coversfor a living

"and you thinkyou're better than me?

"Are you (bleep)?

"This ain't even a real store.

"You know howyou close this bitch?

You throw a blanket over it..."

"Like it's a canary cageor some (bleep).

"What, you think you're goingto move up in this position?

"You think your supervisoris going

"to come tap youon your shoulder

"and say,'Hey, we need you to go

"'to this cell phone coverconference in Cincinnati

"'to find outthe latest technology

"in cell phone covers.'

"No, bitch, this is it for you."

"And as soon as they finda vending machine

to sell this stuff,you out of a job."

"Now, you havea nice day, okay?"