Dan St. Germain - Getting a Phone Number

Dan St. Germain Season 2, Ep 5 05/17/2013 Views: 9,526

Dan St. Germain accidentally throws the creepiest Hail Mary pass in the history of flirting. (1:50)

I, uh, haven't been doingso well, recently.

Recently, uh, single.Not doing so great.

Uh, my body is not a wonderland.

It is a pet cemetery. Uh...

Couple days ago,I was at this coffee shop

and I gotthis girl's phone number.

And I was, like, oh, great,I got me a wife, uh, and...

ten minutes later, she comesback into the coffee shop

and asks for herphone number back.

I swear to God.

And in that situation,I mean, you got to give

the girl her number back, right?

You can't be, like,oh, (sighs) you want...

(sighs) you want you...you want your number back.

You... you want...you want... your number back.

Well, too late now, bitch!

I'm gon' be calling you

all the time.

If I press my earto the receiver close enough,

I can hear your fear-- blagh!

But, folks, it gets worse,

because I reach into my pocketto get her phone number,

and instead of pulling outher phone number,

I pull out a loose condom...

that flies out of my handand hits her in the chest...

which is the creepiestHail Mary pass in history.

Like, hey, you sure youdon't want to (bleep)?

The only thingthat would've been creepier

is if I took a condom out ofone pocket, and then, like,

a possum out of the other.

And I was, like,he gets to watch.