Karen Rontowski - Religious Television

Season 1, Ep 0105 08/10/2006 Views: 1,947

New York City has five too many religious cable channels. (1:39)

I love it.

But I noticed at the hotel,you guys have, like,

five religious channelson your cable TV.

And, yeah, that's five too manyfor me, you know?

And I didn't knowwhat they were.

I turned it on,some woman's reading off sins.

I thought they werethings to do in town.

I was like,"Man, the community update

is very thorough here."

And then this guy came on thescreen, right? And he goes,

"The divorced Christian womanhas to be very careful,

'cause men know she's beenmarried, and she's familiar."

I know.Have you ever heard

that word used like that before?

Well, I guess that would explainwhy everyone keeps saying to me,

"Hey, you look really familiar."

It's a little joke on me.

But I had to rent a carto come here.

You know what kind of carthey gave me?

They gave me a Daewoo.

Yes, Daewoo--that's Korean for "Just walk."

But I'm getting a new car.

You know what kind of carI'm getting?

I'm getting a Honda Civic,

because thoseare very safe cars.

And I know 'cause I saw a guytotal one the other day

when I ran him off the road.

You know, he just gets outand looks at me and goes,

"Hey, you knocked thecheeseburger out of my hand."

And I was like,"Hey, you spilled my beer."

There are no winners here.

Man, I should getsome car insurance or something.

And, uh...