A Chick Who Can Hang

A Chick Who Can Hang Season 2, Ep 3 04/15/2014 Views: 164,680

Guys at a bar start discussing how much they like tomboys after a tough chick walks in and catches their attention. (2:11)

It's a road made of iceand they truck on it.

Bullseye, that's the show,plain and simple.

You twinks ready to dosome shots, pussies?

Oh-ho-ho, that's so hot,I love girls like that.

Tequila,no training wheels.

Burger, rare as (bleep).

Oh, yeah, a chick who canreally hang with the guys.

Yeah. That is the best.

A chick who's like super-hot,

but then like, loves Xbox,down for pizza.

That tomboy thing,you know?

Like, man,I knew this girl, Joey.

That's a hot name right there.

That is a hot name.

Yeah, yeah, she wasoff the charts, hot.

She could like beat mein arm wrestling, you know?

That's likemy college girlfriend.

She was crazy hot.

She could recite all of"Boondock Saints" verbatim

while building a deck,she was ripped.

Murder him, God!

You know, I dateda chick like that.

She was like, model hot,

plus she knew everythingabout World War Two,

and she hada super strong jaw.

She had like a lantern jaw.Mmm.

Love that tomboy thing.

Hey, you know, she reminds meof my ex, you know, real solid.

I could climb her like a tree.

She made me feel so safe.

I miss her.

Oh, man, there's this chickat my office, right now.

I can talk to herabout Muay Thai.

Plus, she's got just likea little bit of stubble.


I need to hit that, man.

Yeah, you do.

That's the dream, right?

That's a fantasy,like in "Rambo."

The main chick in thatwith the headband, hot, right?

Yeah, no, man,

but there are real chickslike that.

Like, I knew this girl Samwhen I lived in Tampa.

She was just naturally not,like, rough hands, thick neck.

Forehead like a granite counter.

And she worked hanging drywallfor her dad's company,

Murphy and Son.

Yeah, she did.

Ooh, check it out.


My boner just got a boner.

My buddy, Goldman,has this girlfriend, Glen.

She's like coverof "Maxim" hot.

She does all those fantasyfootball pics.

And she has likethis prominent dick.

I'm like, I want...

That's so (bleep) hot.That is so (bleep) hot.

To chicks who can hang.

To chicks who can hang.Yes.

Heading to the can.

Gotta make some room.


Wait, should we just(bleep) each other?