Sarah Tollemache - Tankinis

Banyan Tree Elf Season 3, Ep 6 04/07/2016 Views: 518

Sarah Tollemache breaks down the problem with tankini-style bathing suits and explains how it's possible to be happy in New York City even if you have no money. (2:10)

It turns out she actuallyis concerned about my belly fat.

I was like, "Oh.

Thanks for the linkto these pills."

So now I'm concernedabout my belly fat,

so I gotone of those bathing suits

that girls getto hide their midsection.

It's called a tankini.

Ladies, have you ever wornone of these?

Yeah, it's supposed to hideyour fat roll,

but it's likea one-piece bathing suit

and then they just cut outthis part right here

where your fat roll is,where you're like,

"That's the most important parton the bathing suit.

I need that."

So when you sit down,it slowly seeps out.

And you just look likea busted can of biscuits

sitting on the beach.

Really, that's not hiding it.

It, like, looks likea mammogram down there.

You guys are nice.

I did a show a few weeks ago,

and this guy came up to meafterwards,

and he was like,

"Can I be brutally honestwith you?"

And I was like,"No, thank you."

Oh.That was close.

I almost got my feelings hurt.

I hate brutally honest people.

I'm kind of poor.

Like, I live ina horrible apartment,

and I feel like the only--

like, I live in New York,

and so it'sreally expensive there,

and I feel like the only wayto be happy there

is just, if you just makeyour taste match your budget.

Do you guys ever do that?

Where you're like,"Oh, my God.

"I love business carpetin my apartment.

"I love watching movieson YouTube.

That's my favorite."

But I want to move outof my apartment right now

'cause I have a broken window,

and I emailed my landlordto come fix it,

and then he was like,

"I'll be on that ASAP."

And it's beenover two months now,

and he still hasn't fixed it.

So I think he thinks"ASAP" means,

"Actually, sorry,

ahh, pfft."


All right, guys,you've been real great.