Trevor Noah - Practice Being Black

Trevor Noah & Dov Davidoff Season 2, Ep 1 10/04/2012 Views: 27,856

Trevor Noah doesn't want to mess up this blackortunity. (1:35)

Back then, nobody believedhe would win.

I remember comediansdissing him.

They'd come out and be like,"How many y'all seen

"that mixed-race foolrunning for president?

"Y'all seen thatcrazy-ass mixed fool?

"How some mixed foolgonna come in--

"Even a black man can't win,

"this mixed foolthink he gonna win.

"He gonna win (bleep).

"Ain't no mixed fool--I ain't seen no mixed fool

"come out herewinning the United States--

that mixed fool,that mixed fool."

And then he wonand then all of a sudden,

they were like, "My (bleep)!"

So, I see.

And I wanted black.

So, I bought myselfa plane ticket, yeah.

18 hours of flying-- that's whatI had to sit through.

18 hours of non-stop flying.

I didn't sleep a wink.

I sat on that planeand I watched every single

black American movieand TV show I could find,

just so I could practicebeing black.

I was not going to mess upthat black-ortunity.

I just sat therelike a madman in my chair,

just like watching movies,practicing,

"Yeah, yeah, you know I mean?You know I mean?

Yeah, yeah."

Oh, you laugh, but I landed,I landed in Miami,

and I was fluentin my black American.

For shizzle, my nizzle,I was just...


I was so black.

I was even laughing black.

I was like, "Ha, ha, ha!

Yeah! My man!"

I was super black.

Till some guy came up to meand was like, "Oh, yeah, papi!"

(speaking Spanish)

18 hours of flying,and I still wasn't black.

I was Puerto Rican.