Nate Bargatze - Getting in Shape

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 2,652

All that Nate Bargatze wants is to have the body of the guy in the before photo. (1:40)

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I got to get in shape.

Not this shape.

This is not a good shape.

Something--I got to get--really.

I thought--I was like,"Oh, I'm doing an hour special.

That'll motivate me."And here we are.


I tell peopleI got to get back in shape.

I've never been in shape,you know?

Like, most people are like,"If I could go back to my 20s."

I would have to go back to 7.

If I could get backto when I was 7,

I was just killing it.

I don't know how to work out.

For me,a good workout would be--

walking to McDonald'swould be a great start.

You know,maybe stand up and eat it.

See if that does something.

I ordered the P90X videos.

I thought I could do that.

Never worked outa day in my life,

so let's dowhat the Navy SEALs do.


You know why I ordered it?

'Cause in the commercial--

you know how they have, like,a before body and after body?

In the--I was blown awayby the before body.

I thought that'swhat you get to look like.

I was like,"That guy looks great."

You know, "I would loveto look like him."

Then I saw the after body,and I was like,

"Does the before body guyhave a DVD?

"'Cause that guy seemsmore my speed, you know.

What did he do to get to that?And I'll just do that."

Someone gave me an Under Armourshirt to wear.

Have you ever woreone of those?

It's, like, skintight.

It just shows the worst partsof your body.

I look better without a shirt onthan with that shirt on.


You know in plastic surgeryhow they draw markers on you?

They should just put youin that shirt and be like,

"Obviously, you can seewhat we're gonna go after."