Speedround - Trump Takes Over

09/23/2016 Views: 176

Donald Trump sponsors @midnight, South Park Elementary struggles to cope when a student quits social media, and Trevor Noah speaks from the heart. (1:17)

I'm contractually forcedto welcome back

this week's sponsor,Donald Trump.

Come here. Come here.

(groaning, shouting, whooping)

Get out of here.Get out of here.

My beautiful daughter Ivanka,everyone.

All right, students,I know we're all dealing

with the loss of a good friend.

We have to accept the fact

that Heidi won'tbe on social media anymore.

I know we're all gonna miss her.M'kay?

- You mother[bleep] better stopall this jaw-jacking

and pay attention tothe goddamn game.

[all groaning]

I got a bad tooth,mother[bleep].

I love hip-hop.

Here's the thing, though,

I am a woman,thank you for noticing.

And sometimes in hip-hop,

they talk about uslike we can't hear them.

You can'tfix racial bias overnight.

You genuinely can't, all right?

The one thing you can do is notthink black people are crazy

for feeling oppressed

when every time they see a videoof themselves being engaged

by the police,it ends with them getting shot.