Darryl Lenox - Lame Duck President

Season 1, Ep 0105 08/10/2006 Views: 2,483

President George W. Bush knows it's over. (1:58)

to make whatever visualadjustments you need to make

before I do my first joke.

( clears throat )( laughter )

( laughter )

All this stuff is going onin the news.

I don't understandhow people get

so passionateabout politics, anyway.

My mom... my mom is madat George Bush

like they used to date,now he don't call anymore.

( laughter )

I don't understand that.

Politics ain't designedfor all of us to succeed.

Politics is like Amway--

it's pretty goodfor a few people at the top,

the rest of us get stuckwith lame products

you try to pawn off onsomebody dumber than you are.


But people get so madat him, you know?

I just don'tunderstand it, y'all.

Like, I'm not madat the president.

To me, it just look likehe knows this is his last term.

( laughter )

You know... you all knowwhat it feels like

when you gave yourtwo-week notice at a job

you don't give a damn aboutno more, right?

That's what he feels...looks like he...

I'm surprised, when you givethat two-week notice,

you don't go off,you be like,

"Yeah, I stole a stapler.

What, are you goingto fire me? I don't care."

I'm surprised the president justdon't have a press conference

to tell everybodyto whip his ass.

"Just kiss my ass, I'm done."

I'm surprised he don't go,"You know what?"

Kunta Kinte Kanye,whatever your name is...

( laughter )

"You're right, I don't careabout black people."

( laughter )

"I barely likethe six that voted for me,

so I don't care what you say."

I'm surprisedhe just don't go off,

you know what I mean?

"I knew there was no weaponsof mass destruction.

"( bleep ) it, I saw morein Charlton Heston's basement

"than I didwhen I was over there.

I don't give a damn."

Why not?

"I'm just waiting for him to go,you know what, France, Canada?

Just give me a reason,just give me one reason."

( laughter )

Why not? What do you expect himto do, you know?

"You guys think I'm dumb,

"I'm the president,but you think I'm dumb?

"If I'm so dumb,let me ask you this question:

I don't pay for gas,how's it working out for you?"

( laughter )