Adam Welcomes Some Kooks to Hawaii

Kook Season 3, Ep 4 03/24/2016 Views: 939

When Adam welcomes a new group of comedians to Hawaii, he tries (a little too hard) to teach them about the local culture. (1:30)

[surf rock music]

- Hey, Adam,this place is amazing.

- Adam!- Hey.

- Whoo! Aloha and mahalo,my new friends.

- Oh, thank you.

- Aloha mahalo.

- Oh, thanks.- Aloha mahalo.

- Aloha.

- Aloha mahalo.- Thanks, dude.

- You guys look very...

- Tired.We just got here.

- Yeah, well, I was gonnasay you look like kooks.

- Wait, what does that mean?- That sounds really racist.

- It's not racist.I want you to know that.

It's actuallythe opposite of racist.

It's how traditionalHawaiians speak,

and that's now I speak now

'cause I've been herefor a few days.


- Wow.- Oh, wow.

- Mm-mm.Mm-mm!

There is not enoughpineapple in that.

- There's so muchpineapple in here.

- Ew, mmm, have you guyshad pineapple before?

- Yeah, I've had pineapple.

- A kook is when someonefrom the mainland comes here

and doesn't assimilateinto the Hawaiian culture,

which you have toor you look like

a freaking idiot, all right?

I been here for days,

and I've got leis for days,

and now you guys do too!

- Oh, okay.- All right.

- Here you go.Mai tais, that's what we drink

and also that's what I wear:my tie is also Hawaiian.

I have it.Later, I'm sure I'll wear it.

- Okay.

- Okay, lesson number one:

get a new wardrobe.

- What are you doing now?- Whoa!

- No, no!- Come on, man!

- That's my grandma's!- Stop! What're you doing?

- She's dead.

- We get a discountat the gift store.

15% off, just drop my name.

Get yourself some new fits,you kooks.

[theme music plays]