Proper Ortolan Preparation

The Prince and the Pauper Season 2, Ep 3 06/29/2016 Views: 1,676

Peepers is forced to defend his buttling bona fides after Prince Apato's butler questions his method of cooking an exotic dish. (1:15)

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likely more sophisticatedthan you're used to

in the curried dustbowlthat is the subcontinent.

Flobelle, a moment.

I want to show our guests

tonight's supper.


- What is this woman doing?

Ortolans must be drownedin a vat of armagnac

and then baked.

- You could not be more wrong,my good man.

No, the core body temperatureof the ortolan

must remain consistentso that the innards

retain the right amountof viscous.

Flobelle, put the birdsin the oven.

- Yes, sir.- Flobelle.

Do not put the birdsin the oven.

How old is your buttling manual?

The preparation was amendedin 1898.

- Well, that cannotpossibly be true.

I'm up-to-date on allthe peer-reviewed literature.

- Actually, sir, that's correct.

To avoid humane treatmentof the bird,

one must drown, then bake,so it dies in fear

of its impending death.

- Thus you taste the fear.

- And fear is fragrant.

both: Fear is food.

- Yes.

- Oh, this is absurd.

- No, this is a housemaid

out-buttling a butler.

A beautiful housemaid,at that.

- Thank you.