The Big Apology

I'm Sorry, Chelsea Season 1, Ep 3 12/09/2013 Views: 2,261

Brody meets with Chelsea Handler about what happened when he quit her show and how he's been doing since he left. (2:07)

Oh, god.

Hi, Chelsea.

You brought me flowers?

-Yeah.-That was nice.

Hi, do you wantto give me a hug?

-Yes.-Hi, you look okay.

Different.I look different, right?


So, um, I left the show...on bad terms.

What happened exactly?

Because I don't really knowthe story about what happened.

I just know that you were havingsome sort of breakdown.

I had, um--

I had a run-in, maybe,I butted heads a little bit.


And I felt I was gonnabe in big trouble.

I feel bad for you anyway,so I wasn't mad at you,and I'm not mad at you.

I mean, you owe more of anapology to people that youinteracted with.

Because if I just saw you downthe hallway, I would always walkthe other way anyway.


But I appreciate your apology,it feels as sincereas it can get.

It's worked out perfectlythat you got a TV showabout apologizing to people.

-That's part of it.-Yeah.

What's the other part?

Showing my growth, showing megetting back into comedy.

I want to get back on late nightTV doing stand-up.

That's great,that's really good.


Well-- I mean,you seem better.

Your thinkingis a little bit more clear.

-Do you feel better?-My thinking is clear.

Because you-- were youin a mental hospital?

I went to-- yes.

Okay, that reaction is not clearthinking to being in a mentalhospital.

I was--

That's not hilarious,but it's kind of funny.

I was in Canada, at theMontreal Comedy Festival...

and I stopped taking my Lexapro.

And you went--

Which led to--

-Wow.-I know, yeah.

Are you on a differentmedication now?

You seem very-- like the mostnormal I think I've everseen you.

Yeah, I'm on a differentmedication.

I think this is working better.

I do feel more calm.

You're more engaging.

Before it was like you wereputting on a performanceeven in a conversation.


Which is very--

Hard to do.

-Or hard to take.-Hard to take.