#HashtagWars - #DogSongs

Monday, January 30, 2017 01/30/2017 Views: 158

Arden Myrin, Joe DeRosa and Moshe Kasher turn popular songs into canine-themed ditties. (2:08)

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And now it is timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.


Very excited for #HashtagWars.

Lately the world isa bad and scary place,

kind of like the toiletof a Cheesecake Factory

on Mardi Gras.

But you knowwhat's not bad, you guys?


-OTHERS: Aw...-Aw, dogs.

Thank Godthe Internet's obsessed

with pointing cameras at them,like this one here.


The best!Look at this (bleep) guy!

-MYRIN: Aw...!-Oh, my God! Uh...

But, then, especially this one,especially this one, you guys.

-MYRIN: Aw...!-Come on!

Come on. To celebrate...

-MYRIN: That's cute! -tocelebrate that very good boy,

he can't but helpbut bust a move.

Tonight's hashtag is #DogSongs.#DogSongs.

-(dance beat plays)-(howling)

(audience whooping, applause)

Examples might be-- "I Got99 Problems but a Bitch Is One,"


♪ Hit me, rabies,one more time. ♪

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Moshe.-"Come On, Eileen."

-Uh, points.-(laughter)

-Arden. -♪ Squirrels,squirrels, squirrels! ♪

-Yes, points.-(cheering, applause)

-Joe DeRosa.-Uh, anything by Flea

and the Red Dick Chili Peppers.



I got to give Joean extra hundred points--

-that was a twofer,that was a twofer. -(cheering)


Uh, "I Want to Hold Your Bone!"

-Yeah, all right. Points.-(laughter)

-Joe. -"I Just DiedUnder the Porch Tonight."

-(laughter, groans)-Points.


"Is There a Kennelfor a Gangsta?"

-Yes, points. Arden.-(laughter)

"I Knew You Were KibbleWhen You Walked In."


-♪ Kibble, kibble, kibble... -♪ Kibble...

All right, Joe.

"When I Think About YouI Lick Myself."

-Yes, points.-(cheering, applause)

Resonated very stronglywith this demographic.

-MYRIN: Yes!-Moshe.

♪ What if dog was one of us?

-Yes!-(cheering, applause)