Devin Field - Pixar Movies

Kook Season 3, Ep 4 03/24/2016 Views: 170

Devin Field images the thought process behind some of Pixar's recent films. (0:49)

I feel like Pixar used

to make very normalmovies for kids,

and then as they gotthat critical cachet,

they just got weirderand weirder with it.

You know what I mean?

Like, at first, it was like,

Hey, what do all kids love?


"Toy Story," okay?

Hey, what do all kids love?


"The Incredibles," right?

Then suddenly it was like,

hey, what do all kids love?


and fine dining.

Yeah, yeah, man.

Kids love the dramaof a health code violation.


Hey, what do all kids love?

Elderly widowers dying alone.

Don't worry.

We'll hook them inat the beginning

with a greatmiscarriage sequence.

That's how you get kidsin seats.

That's how it works.