Brad Silnutzer - A Punchable Face

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Brad Silnutzer tries to figure out why he gets punched in the face so often and explains why Pitbull is his favorite rapper. (1:21)

- I think I have apretty punch-able face,

and I think I know why, I think it's cause I somehow

simultaneously look likeevery schoolyard bully

and every kid who was bullied in the schoolyard.

I feel like I look like a 1950s bully mixed with a 1980s

nerd with the voice of a 65-year-old Jewish diner waitress.


"Here's your bagel," didn't even need to change it.

I've been punched in the face in New Jersey, where I'm from,

I've been punched in theface in Philadelphia,

I've been punched in the face in New York,

I've been punched in the face in Boston,

this is the restof my set, guys,

I've been punched in the face in San Diego, Milwaukie,

I'm like the Pitbull of getting punched in the face.

Mr. Worldwide, baby.

Now some people might hate me for this, but I'm gonna

take a little aside, Pitbull's my favorite rapper,

I think he's the best rapper, let me tell you why.

He's the most famous,he makes the most money,

and he's not that good at his job,

that's the American Dream.

Here's my favorite Pitbull line: "Look up in the sky,

"it's a bird, it's a plane, nah it's just me."


Doesn't even rhyme, Pitbull.

I've been punched in the face in L.A., San Francisco.