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Ari Shaffir: Passive Aggressive Season 1, Ep 101 03/13/2015 Views: 898

Ari Shaffir's friends don't understand how he's able to live with his current financial status. (1:15)

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All my friends are having kidsand buying homes.

They're all buying houses.

And they always look down on uslike they're better than us

'cause we have apartments.

Which you are,let's be honest.

They're always like, "Dude,how do you live with no equity?"

They don't care."How do you stay alive?

"You have no equityin your life,

and yet, you manage to stayalive. I don't get it."

I'm like, "First of all--first of all,

I don't knowwhat that word means."

Second of all,I never miss equity.

I don't walk aroundlike a vampire in the sun,

just going like,"Equity! Equity!"

Or like a fat black manwithout his insulin.

He's like, "Equity!"

No--Oh, it's not racist.Stop it!

That is not racist.

Black people are way moresusceptible to diabetes.

That's just a medical fact.

If you show me six fat black menover the age of 50,

I will show youfive diabetes patients.

And it's not racist.

Now, if I said,"Hey, hide your wallets.

There's diabetes patientsaround here,"

that would be racist.