Jake Johannsen - Meeting the President

Murphy, Rhea, Anton Season 2, Ep 18 05/19/1993 Views: 618

It's exciting to meet the president. (1:56)

A while back, I wentdown to Washington, DC

and they-- and they put meup in the Watergate Hotel.

I don't know if you've been--it's just like a normal hotel.

Nice, you know.

I don't know why I expectedit would be weird, like all

the paintings would havethe eyeballs that are

moving back and forth, you know.

Or I'd pull one of thebooks of the bookcase

and it would wheelaround and there'd

be Richard Nixon. "Doyou need more towels?"

But, uh-- that actuallydidn't-- it didn't happen.

Although somebody did break inand leave a mint on my pillow.

That was a little weird.

So I got to go tothe White House

and meet President Bush--which it's exciting to meet

the President, but I'mnot a big fan of him.


You know.

I suppose he's an OK guy,but I was not crazy about him

as a President.

But you know, that's whyI wanted to meet him.

Because he was the President.

Everybody wants to meetthe President, you know?

How do you think a guy likethat gets a fox like Barbara,


It's power, baby.

Pure and simple.

Chicks dig power.


I'm going to meet the guy.

I'm going to meet the guy, andI didn't want to just shake

his hand and smileat him like I'm

his pet monkey or something.

You know?

I wanted to tellhim what it's about.

I wanted to go,"People are hurting.

Stop the pain."

You know, that'swhat you want to do.

I'm coming up the line.

It's my turn, and Isay-- I tell him, "Hey.

Nice party.

Shrimp are big!"

I was going to break the ice.

And then, next thing you know,"This is my wife, Barbara."

And it's all over.

You know.

Do you think shewanted to talk to me?

I'm nothing to her.

Less than nothing.And that's what happened.


I just filled up mypockets with those shrimp.

And uh, went back tothe hotel, had myself

a little party at thetaxpayer's expense.


It's time to keepour show moving.