Trevor Noah - Conversations with Black Men - Uncensored

Trevor Noah: African American Season 1, Ep 1 02/27/2016 Views: 2,589

Trevor Noah recalls his first exchange with a black American and explains how they've perfected the English language. (1:58)

And by far thecoolest thing of all,

coolest thing ofall, is the talk.

I've listened to blackAmericans and it's the

most amazing use of theEnglish language I've ever

come across in my life.


'Cause they pay no regardto punctuation whatsoever.

They just cruisethrough sentences.

It's fantastic.

First time I had aconversation with a black

American man was inBaltimore, Maryland.

This guy walked up tome after the show.

He didn't even walk.

He just floated it.



He just came up tome and he's like

[comedically]hey, yo, B., hey, yo, hey, yo.

Hey, yo let me holleratchoo for a minute, man,

let me holler atchoo.

[normal speaking voice]I said OK.

[comedically]He's like man I ain't even

gonna front, man, Iain't gonna front.

I came out here dude, Iain't even know who you

was man, I ain'teven know.

I was like here theshow I bought my girl,

we was out there.

You came out 'der and youwere doing your thing I

was like yo, man, I ain'teven know that got 'dem

yellow bones out 'der inthe motherland, man.

I was like yo, this kidbetter be funny,

man, but I ain'tgonna lie.

You came out there.

You was keeping it coming,keeping it moving.

You was just beastin' out.

I was like a'ight man,maybe this kid is the truth.


This kid wasdoing his thing.

He was keepingit out there.

I started laughing.

My girl waskillin' herself.

I was like a'ight thismofo got flow fo' sure.

You 'nah I mean?


[normal speaking voice]It's the most amazing use of

English I've ever comeacross in my life.

Just that one word alone.

Just the strength of that.

'Nah I mean?

Do you know what I mean?

[comedically]Ya 'nah I mean?

It just--


--it sums itall up, doesn't it?

It's just, you know,neither question nor statement.

It's just--like, why havewe been wasting our time

with syllablesfor so long?

I don't understand.


[comedically] It was a crazy daytoday you know what I mean?

[comedically] Yo, that shitwas cray, ya 'nah I mean?

It just--


It just flows.

It's magical.

It says it all.

I feel like I've wastedyears of my life without

'nah I mean.


I wish I could go backin time and relive

my favorite moments, watchmy favorite movies again.

Seeing them bring tolive this is Sparta!

'Nah I mean?


[laughter, applause]


[laughter, applause continues]