Typical Rick - Trailer - Uncensored

Season 1, 11/09/2016 Views: 156

An aspiring actor struggles to make it in Los Angeles, but is thwarted at every turn by his best friend Rick. (0:56)

- I really feel likethis is my Oscar moment,

you know what I mean?

- Daniel Day Lewis could suckyour--

- How's the acting going, Gary?

- How did you know I was anactor?

- I get you're new to Hollywood.

- I'm a dramatic actor,

I just moved to town.

I'm ready to act.

- Yes!

Thank you.

(slapping hand to cheek)

(screaming in pain)

- There's no way thislittle guy's an actor.

- Oh yeah, I am.

I'm on season 69 ofHow I Fuck Your Mother.

- Bad.

- Rick's good.

Yeah, he's soberish.

- I got your back, dude, we're aduo!

- Who's this sexy actor,alright!

- He's not an actor.

This is my best friend, Rick.

- I think actors are fuckingstupid.


Oh, yes!

- What's up, it's Gary fromGarygram!


(shutter clicking)

- You're in the game now.

- Yeah, my name's Gary.

I am new to Los Angeles.

(upbeat electronic music)

Yeah man, totally, yousaw the world, Rick.