Megan Gailey - First Boyfriend & Too Much Dairy

Wedding in Paradise Season 3, Ep 1 03/04/2016 Views: 887

Megan Gailey describes her questionable taste in men and reveals the best place to give a blow job. (1:52)

I have a boyfriend, so...


I know.

I know--well...

I--it took me a while.

This is my first one ever,and...

the first one is so exciting,

'cause, like, if I go missing,

there's finally a suspect,you know?

Like...she was loved.

I like him a lot.

Well, we broke up.


it's tricky,'cause we live together.

So when we broke up,

I was like, "Do youhave enough money to move out?"

And he was like, "No.

Do you have enough moneyto move out?"

And I was like, "No," so.

We're back together!

[laughter and applause]


You're so in love.

I kind of tricked himinto getting back together,

besides the financial handcuffswe were in.

I took him on a romantic getawayto Sleepy Hollow, New York.

I wanted it to be, like,a romantic trip,

so I brought all this lingerie,

but then I kept getting too fullat every meal.

I would just hold the lingeriein front of my body

while I wore my regular pajamas.



There's so much dairyin New York.

It's's like,

if you think I'm gonna eatfour kinds of brie

and then fuck you,you're crazy.


I'ma watch Datelineand fall asleep.

So I sort of--I--I felt bad,

'cause the trip did not goas planned,

so I was like, you know what,on the last day,

I'll give him a blow job.

For me, the only placeI'll give a blow job

is in the shower.

I feel very safe there,'cause it's like--it is--

it's not--it's the best place.

It's a--you're already wet,

you can clean it upa little bit,

tears are welcome,whatever.