Search for Kenny

Camping Season 1, Ep 5 04/11/2007 Views: 57,276

Alan leads a search team into the woods to find Kenny, but he's stopped by an upset stomach. (2:13)


Stupid baby fire.

Where the hell is Kenny?!

I don't know, Serenity.

I don't know.

All right, listen up.

Now, Kenny said he'dbe back by sunset.

He's at least, what?

Three hours late by now?

It's time for me to say

(whispering):what everybody's thinking.

Kenny dead.

That's so stupid.I wasn'tthinking that.

I ain'teven thinking that.I was thirsty...

I mean, I was thinkingabout a hot dog.

That didn'teven cross my mind.

Oh. Okay then.

Well... whenever y'allstart thinking Kenny dead,

just let me know.

That way, we'll all beon the same page.

That'sa nice fire.

I'm starving.

Stop talkingabout it.

Guys!Listen up, everybody.

I've decided to leada search team into the forest

to find our beloved Kenny.

I need volunteers. Who wants to come?

Trust me, I'm not going anywhereto look for a dead body.

He's not dead, Sebastian;that's not funny.

It's like that scenein Apocalypse Now.

Never leave the boat.

I ain't leaving this campsite.

Okay, it's settled.

Carly, Gay Boy, you're with me.

Jeffersons, you stay here.

Let's go find Kenny.

They gonna die.

They already dead,baby girl.

(Carly and Eulogio laughing)

Will you idiots, cut it outand keep up please!

Kenny needs us.

(groaning)What's wrong, Alan?

What? That lake water,it's sitting in my gut.

I gotta doa number two so bad.

Oh, I know,that was horrible.

Go, go to the bathroom.We'll wait.

No, I...I cannot do that outdoors.

Why not?

You take your shorts off,you hang from a tree,

lift your legs up,and just... defecate.

Well, what do you wipe with?

Like the Hopi Indians--swing back and forth.

Find a branch or somethingand just swing on it.

Oh, yeah.That lake water...

did a number on me.

I took a really decent grumpersright under a tree.

Took a nap for like two minutesright after.

Okay, okay.Enough poop talk.

Kenny needs us.Come on.