Laura Kightlinger - Ramrod

Laura Kightlinger Season 1, Ep 11 09/11/2007 Views: 3,111

When did Laura become security at the gay border? (0:36)

out with a couple of men who

have realized that they were


It happened to me once in

college, a couple years after

college, and then again last


And I don't know; it's been

humiliating, I have to say.

You know, I kind of--I just feel

like, when did I become security

at the gay border?


Excuse me, sir, you want to come

back here, please?

Yes, step back here--you're not

gay until you go through me



Just step through here.


Did anyone help you pack before

you met me?

All right, sir, just checking.

Listen, we all want to get to

the ramrod.

Okay, speed it along.