Al Madrigal - Cholo Soccer Dad

Al Madrigal: Why Is the Rabbit Crying? Season 1, Ep 1 04/26/2013 Views: 16,110

Al Madrigal met his favorite character of all time at a Mighty Mites football practice. (2:01)

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I find myself watching

the gang membersappreciate nature

more than I'm appreciatingthe nature.

They graffitied the waterfall,which sucks.

And it's notnice graffiti either,

because there's good graffitiand then there's bad graffiti.

Like, it's not sometasteful mural that's been done

to remember oneof their fallen homeboys

that died of Lyme disease.

Airbrushed, "R.I.P. Carlos.There's no ticks in heaven."

Just says, "Chucho."

So it just sort of proves

that anytimeyou take a gang member

out of their elementand you put them anywhere,

it's automaticallygoing to be funny.

Cholos in space.Hilarious.

"Hey, Houston.You got a problem, bro."


Which leads meto my favorite character

that I've met of all time.

Cholo soccer dad.

They're everywhere.I didn't--I had no idea.

So we're down in Los Angeles,and we take my son

to his first practice

of Mighty Mites football,

five- and six-year-oldsplaying flag football.

It's adorable.

When out of the cornerof my eye--

I'm therewith the whole family--

I see a Cholocoming straight for us.

Everybody close your eyes

and imagine your scariestMexican gang member.

That guy'swalking right for us.

Now I'm using "cholo" a lot,

and I'm not sure if anyone'straveling or from out of town.

A cholo is a Latino gentlemanthat you may have seen

with white sockspulled all the way up,

plaid shortsto meet the white socks,

white T-shirt oversized,very similar

to a Catholic schoolgirl'suniform.

It's a lot scarier.

Maybe some neck tattoos,gold chain.

I'm not sureif anybody wants

to stand upand make this easier.