Grover's Sneakervention

Come Out to Play Season 1, Ep 3 09/28/2016 Views: 3,037

Milk and Jamal break it to Grover that his sneaker game isn't up to snuff, but a new commercial shows him an opportunity to upgrade. (1:02)

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- Damn, homey, Randyput you on blast all over Vine.

- Let them busters talk.- Aye, yo, fuck this, man.

It's time fora sneaker-vention, my dude.

Your stank shoe gameis messing with our reps.

- Yeah, even "Free Lunch" Leroyis clowning you,

and he wears cleatsto school.

- Ya'll trippin'.My Starburys is vintage.

Popeye Jones rocked these.

- A'ight, that's it.Show him, Jamal.

- Cindy retweetedRandy's video, my nig.

And she also left a comment.

- Damn, a smiley facewith tears?

That's messed up.Maybe it is time for a change.

announcer: This year's NAACP Image Awards

are brought to you by:

Shackles Footwear.

[man singing blues]

- I gots it!I gots it!

[music intensifies] [whiplash]


- Shackles. They're off the chain.

all: Oh, shit!

- That's it, my nigs.That's how I'ma get

my street credit back.

I got to cop mesome Shackles.