Rival Snippers

The Silence of the Clamps Season 6, Ep 18 07/14/2011 Views: 89,163

When Professor Farnsworth hires a member of the Robot Mafia to join the Planet Express crew, Dr. Zoidberg worries that he's no longer needed. (1:38)

Greetings, Francis.

Sorry if I wasa little hostile before,

but snipping is the only reasonI'm even tolerated around here.

Not like you, with thosemagnificent squeezers.

Squeezers? Squeezers?!

They're clamps,you (bleep)!

If I want to (bleep)snip with these clamps,

I will snip with these(bleep) clamps!

Why do you thinkthey call me...


Francis,I have good news!

It's timefor your first delivery...

to the moon!

Fan (bleep) tastic!

Here's the 200 feet of ropeyou ordered, Sheriff Furley.

Hot diggity!

You fellers want to stick aroundfor the hanging tomorrow?

It's gonna be a doozy.

I sure do lovehanging people.


Well, I best startcutting the nooses.

Oh, you knowwho could help with that?

(claws clicking)


Nice job, Francis.

I like howyou didn't get drunk

and steal anyone's organs,like our old robot.


Bender, it's me Fry!