Andrew Jackson, Badass Dude

Bar Fights Season 4, Ep 3 10/11/2016 Views: 17,383

Events spin out of control after Andrew Jackson agrees to be a second in a duel between two of his soldiers. (1:53)

Alright, so we'll start.

you look into Tommy's camera.

- Shut up right now.Shut up right now.

- Do it your own way.- Shut up.

Shut the [bleep] up.- Know that I mean--

- Shut the [bleep] up.


I'm Kyle Kinane.

And today, we're gonna talk

about Andrew Jackson.

The brawler.

Start early 1800s.


Andrew Jackson's army, they're in Tennessee.

He's a-- an accomplished duelist.

Jackson's like, I've been a soldier

and a brawler my whole time.

I'm a badass dude.

So, there's a couple brothers

named Thomas and Jesse Benton.

They're officers in Andrew Jackson's army.

These two brothers, they're a couple rabble rousers.

Couple troublemakers.

Thomas, he's power-hungry. He wants to make it.

He just wants-- he--he wants--

he wants--he wants it.

Becomes Jackson'sright-hand man.

Jackson likes him so much,

he sends him to D.C.

Jesse Benton, still in-- still in Tennessee.

Part of the regiment, gets into an argument with another--

another fellow under Jackson's regime

by the name of, uh, William Carroll.

Some old-timey argument.

Jabber, jabber, jabber? Jabber, jabber, jabber.

No end result.

Well, we're not gonna settle this with words.

All right, let's meet in a field and shoot at each other.


- [laughing]- So...

It's--it's very inefficient.

It's very inefficient.

So, William Carrollknew he was experienced.

He's like, So listen, Andy, do me a solid--

I'm working under you.

Can you be on the ones and twos for me?

Andrew Dacks-- Andrew Jackson says,

You know what?

I'm your second. Let's go at it.

[claps] Duel!