In Trouble Again

Smoke and Believe Season 1, Ep 9 12/30/2013 Views: 853

Brody's friends and coworkers voice their concerns about his troubling behavior. (3:06)

Does whoever is treating yousign off on that? Do theylet you--

They don't like it.So, it's not a good thing.

It's not a good thing.

It's usually not with bipolar.

But, I'm fine. I'm happy.

You can trust your own insight?Yes, I do.

Because part of theseconditions-- you lose insightat certain times.

We had an incident yesterday,on the set.

And I did smoke pot in betweenshoots to celebrate.

Do you think that addedto the irritability, maybe?

Um...Somehow? Somehow.

It's possible.Right, it makes some sense.

This is how he said it,"Go the [BLEEP] back to Venice."

I don't care. I'm here to work.I'm here to make a show.

You have energy.I mean, like an aggression.

Dr. Drew, I'm good.I'll bring it down a notch.

I'm on Lamictal, I'm fine.

But I'm worried that if youdon't reel it in, you couldget rolling again.

But you're on meds, so it'sreally unlikely gonna happenon 300 Lamictal.

I'm going here to make a point.Yeah, yeah.

And then I bring it back down,because I'm on Lamictal.

Even with optimal treatment,patients will relapse.

So, even if you're onappropriate mood stabilizers...

it's not a guarantee thatyou're not going to haveanother episode.

You heard Dr. Drew?

He just said I take Lamictal,so I'm not gonna have a manicepisode. He said that.

I do! I go to my doctors.

Two, three times during theproduction I yelled...

and I'm getting [BLEEP]a million phone calls?

Almost everyone workingwith you...

thinks your intensity has goneup in the last two weeks.

That's another one.That's a fact.

Name the times in the two weekswhere I was intense?

Go ahead, Joe. Oh, by the way, we can.

Name them. Count them.

Amped up? Yeah, because youdidn't know how to runa [BLEEP] meeting.

MIKE (O.S.)Brody, what's this right now?

Because he's [BLEEP] bringingnegative energy.

I know Wagner. I read it.

MIKE (O.S.)Brody, he's concerned.

Don't conc-- then you knowwhat, Wagner?

Lose [BLEEP] 100 poundsand get off a couch.

You're concerned about me?I'm concerned about you.

MIKE (O.S.):Brody, you're being aggressiveand you're attacking Joe.

He's bringing it on.

MIKE (O.S.):You asked him to listthe negative things.

You're so funny.MIKE (O.S.): You did!

Go ahead, name 'em.

See? I told you.

Then [BLEEP] quit.

Uh, not currently.

Uh, not that I'm aware of.

There are significant concerns.

He needs support, whether it'sfrom me or somebody else.

I think I'm in trouble again.

CAMERA (O.S.):Why is that?I was yelling at Joe.

I sent some mean textsand then Iannis calling me,but who knows?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because it has become a businessrelationship, whereas...

I'm not comfortable with that.

We don't hang outlike we used to.

And that's, you know...

on a personal level,that bums me out a little bit.

It is hard to make it,without a partner.

It can be your best friendin the world.

It could be a woman,it could be a man, whatever.

To bounce [BLEEP] off of.

And apparently, you know, itsounded like he had a greatmother.

And his sister, whatever.

But that's not enough.