Lance Patrick - Magic Trick

Kabir Singh & Lance Patrick Season 3, Ep 1 10/04/2014 Views: 3,117

Lance Patrick performs a magic trick that may have some sexual implications. (1:30)

I'm gonna do a magic trickthat my uncle taught me

when I was just a little kidif that's cool with you guys.

Is it cool?

(crowd cheers)Hell, yeah.

Sir, can I get your help?Can I get you

to stand right here?

No. Trust me.You're gonna love it.

All right? I've gota quarter here.

Put it in your hand, grip itas tight as you can, okay?

Now, what I'm gonna do is,I'm gonna make this quarter

disappear from his hand,end up in his mouth.

Sorry, bro. It's justhow the trick goes.

(laughter)You cool?

Now, I need twothings from you.

Okay, I need you to gripit tight, and then just

imagine it goingin your mouth.

(crowd cheering)


Guys, my uncletaught me this trick.


Ozo, can I get some musicfor this?

(band playing upbeat music)Yeah.

All right, you ready?

You guys ready?

Here we go.


Just gripit tighter.

Grip it tight. Yeah.

Why won't you look mein the eyes?

Come on, buddy.

Now just imagine itgoing in your mouth.

Yeah! Just imagine it.

Oh, there you go.

There you go.

Okay, now open yourmouth. Open...


You're the first personthat's ever opened his mouth.

You know what? At leastjust open your hand

and show 'em thatit disappeared.


How was that tricksupposed to go again?