Weep the People - Emotional Bernie Sanders Supporters

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 07/26/2016 Views: 136

As Bernie Sanders supporters mourn the end of the Vermont senator's presidential run, Chris Cubas, Sarah Tiana and Tony Hinchcliffe console them with encouraging words. (0:51)

Bernie Sanders' young supportershave been incredibly passionate

during his campaign,and now that it's all over

they're understandablyemotional.


Comedians, in the spiritof party unity, what's something

you might say to cheer upthese forlorn delegates? Sarah.

Don't worry, you can reuse thathat at the Renaissance Faire.

-(laughter)-Yes. Points.

-Yeah, you could.-(applause)

Uh... I want to point outthere's nothing wrong

with goingto the Renaissance Faire.


Dude, it's okay.You're still white.

-All right, points. Points.-(laughter, applause)


Don't worry, guys, your parentswill give you more money

to spend on other things.

All right, points. Points.