Kyle Kinane - Bigfoot's Whole Thing

Kyle Kinane: Whiskey Icarus Season 1, Ep 1 11/24/2012 Views: 3,760

Kyle Kinane's Bigfoot theory is guaranteed to frighten all future campers. (1:24)

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Why not?

Not out of any kind of,like, repent or anything.

I'm not sc--I'm just bored.

It's just a more fun placeif you're agnostic.

Like, just leave the "maybe"there, you know?

It just more fun.Like, why do trees grow so tall?

Maybe it's God.

Is that a guy following uswith a knife?

Maybe it's a chupacabra.

You know?It just--

The world'sa more whimsical place

if you get into that.

I believe in Bigfoot.I think Bigfoot's real,

but I think his whole thingis that he--

he [bleeps] youwhile you're camping.

You're just camping, your tentopens up and you're like,

"Oh, man, it's Bigfoot."And he's just like,


"Nobody's gonnabelieve you, bro."

[whispers]"Take off your pants."

That's why Bigfootwalks like that.

All laid-back.Just got done [bleep].

"[bleep], there goes Bigfoot!

"Looks like he justgot his dick wet, yeah!


That's the dumbest jokeI've ever written.