Pablo Francisco - Judge Judy

Ian Bagg & Pablo Francisco Season 2, Ep 6 11/08/2012 Views: 32,067

Pablo Francisco observes that Judge Judy always looks like she's about to pass a stone. (2:29)

she's more rude than ever.

(imitates Judge Judy):Shut up!

Let's see the receipts.

(deep voice):That's right.

That's right,she doesn't know you.

She wasn't there.

She could give a crap about you.

She asked you tocome on the show

only for herjust to yell at you.

(Judge Judy):Be quiet.

Who are you?

(deep voice):That's right, she studiedlaw for 25 years all for what?

(Judge Judy):The gerbil cage is his!

(deep voice):That's right, she's Judge Judy.

(Judge Judy):Who are you?

Who are you?

(Southern accent):I'm here to try to...

(Judge Judy):Shut up!

Let's see the receipts.

I'm the boss, applesauce.

(deep voice):That's right, she lookslike she's passing a stone.


And she's married to anotherjudge, can you believe that?

I love you.

(Judge Judy):Prove it!

Let's see the receipt.

(announcer voice): Hell's Kitchen.

Get ready for Hell's Kitchen.

(a la Gordon Ramsay):Who is this piece of (bleep)?Where's this avocado?

(announcer voice): That's right,he's a culinary chef.

What the hell is he doingin a (bleep) kitchen?

(a la Ramsay):What the (bleep)?!Hey, (bleep)!

(bleep) (bleep)!

(announcer voice): He has a newcookbook coming out called...

(a la Ramsay): The Joy of (bleep) Cooking!

(deep voice):He has a bald spot.

Pablo has... He went to theBosley Hair Institute

where he paid $10,000 for thesehairs... to go right there.

He has hair on his ass,hair in his crack.

There's a Starbucksright in there.

He has a hair on his back.

Over here, over...

Screw it!

This is bald spot music.Hey, what's up?

(mimics lively trumpet music)

From the front it's hip-hop.


Yo, check me out, man, I'm VIP.

(mimics lively trumpet music)


Bald spot.

It's burning up right now.The lights are...

(imitates sizzling sound)

(deep voice):It's burning it up.

Are you in good hands?

He needs a tattoo of a brownspot to go on the white spot.

To make sure he gets calledon the white spot.