Nope-e-mon Go - Shady Locations You'd Like to Avoid

Thursday, July 21, 2016 07/21/2016 Views: 283

Ramon Rivas, Dan St. Germain and April Richardson catch strange new Pokemon in unfavorable locations. (1:43)

Uh... hey, guess what, uh,

a lot of people troll me onlineand I don't give a (bleep),

'cause (bleep) you,I caught a Pikachu today

and I'm super excited about it.

Pika... (bleep) ...chu.

That's a 265 CP-- I'm gonnapower the (bleep) up

with this (bleep).

I'm so excited.


Uh... Pokémon Go is the hot new craze

that forces indoor kidsoutdoors.

I got sunburnedfor the first time ever

catching a Squirtle last week.

The only problemis the GPS-enabled game

can lead youto some pretty (bleep) locations

that you'd normally liketo avoid, like church.

Now, not long ago...

Is that real?

Now, n...

(cheering and applause)


Not long ago,Christians were claiming Pokémon

to be the work of the devil.

Now they're using itto lure kids into church.

How could thispossibly go wrong?

Comedians, I'm gonna show yousome shady locales,

and I would like you to namea Pokémon you'd find there.

First up, this completelyreputable business, Ramon.

A Cold-sore-asaur.

Yeah, points.


Uh, next up,at this farmers' market. Dan.



Next one.

Sports ball arena, April.


Yeah, points.

Next up,

what about insidethis Olive Garden, Dan?

"When you're here,you're family,

because you don't havea real one"-achu.