Dave Nystrom - I'm Going to Work

Season 1, Ep 0102 07/27/2006 Views: 3,211

Dave has a weird run-in on his first day in New York. (0:54)

I've never been here before.

I got here yesterday,and I was walking here today--

because we had to come at 3:00to do a little pre-show thing--

I had the weirdest experienceof my life.

I was walking here andthis guy's coming past me,

he's like, "Where you going?"

And I didn't want to explainthe whole thing,

so I kept it simple.

I'm like, "I'm going to work."

He's like, "What?"

I'm like,"I'm going to work."

And then he turned, he's like,"Good for you."

He turned his head.

He had one of thoseBluetooth phone things on.

He was talking on that.

( laughter )

( scattered applause )

I must have looked likea special-needs guy

out on a day pass.

( silly voice ):"I'm going to work!"

( laughter )

I don't mind if you want to wearthose when you're driving,

or if you have your hands full,or something.

I can't stand people

who walk aroundwith those things all the time--

like a Janet Jackson videocould break out at any moment,

you know?( laughter )

Jimmy Jam and the Rhythm Nationaren't showing up.

Okay, Jermaine,put it away.

( laughter )