The Bad, the Good and the Ugly: The DNC Email Leaks

July 26, 2016 - John Podesta 07/26/2016 Views: 13,060

The Best F#@king News Team weighs in on an email leak proving Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Democratic officials favored Hillary Clinton's campaign over Bernie Sanders's. (4:10)

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we already talkedabout the DNC e-mails,

which were biggest Democratice-mail scandal since last week.

-(laughter) -But every newsstory has multiple sides to it,

and we're going to explore allof them in our new segment,

"The Bad,the Good and the Ugly."

(cheers and applause)

Joining me now areJordan Klepper,

Roy wood, Jr.and Michelle Wolf, everybody.

(applause and cheering)

We're going to discussthese e-mails, everyone.

So, Jordan,let's start with you.

What are your thoughtson the DNC leaks?

This is bad, Trevor.This is really bad.

The Democratic Partyplayed favorites.

That's like asking your mom

"Which one of your kids do youlike the best?," and she goes,

"Oh, I couldn't possibly choose.

-It's your brother Josh."-(laughter)

No, no.No, Trevor, this is good.

This is really good.

19,000 e-mailsfrom mostly white people,

and not a single one of themhad the word (bleep).

-(laughter and groaning)-Yeah.

-I... Look.-(applause)

I always thought

if I got to look throughwhite people's secret e-mails,

it would be just all (bleep)and Groupons.

-I'm proud of white people.-(laughter)

White people needto pat their self on the back.

Trevor, you're half white.Give yourself half a pat.

-Just... little tap, little tap.-I will. Thank you.

Trevor, this is ugly.

Anyone can hack you these days.

That's why I don't send anythingover the Web anymore.

Not e-mails,not photos, not tweets.

I attach all of my tweetsto the legs of actual birds,

and then I'd hand-drawall of my nudes,

and I deliver them in person.


Oh, w-wow.

Oh. Okay,we're-we're doing this...

-Mm. Oh. Yeah.-for the...

The-the detail...

the detail is harrowing.

Thank you, uh, Michelle.

Uh, Jordan, you're stillconvinced that this is bad?

Of course this is bad.

You know who hacked the DNC?The Russians.

Russia is manipulatinga foreign country's election,

which is not only scary,but it's America's job.

Chile, Nicaragua, Italy,Portugal, Panama.

Screwing withanother country's election

is as American as apple pie.

Which, by the way,we stole from the Dutch.

(groans)I still say this is good.

We're talkingabout e-mails, man.

E-mails. You know how muchblack people would love

if their biggest problem wassomeone reading their e-mails?

I know five peoplethat got shot--

none of the shooterswere preceded by an e-mail.

No dudes walking home from workworried about somebody

rolling up on them and shouting,"Now reply all, mother (bleep)!"

(laughter, applause)

No, no, no!This DNC thing is ugly.

I'm telling you, it's uglierthan Donald Trump's FUPA.

I mean, I can't imaginethe scene when Hillary found out

that she had to dealwith a new e-mail scandal.

That's like finding outyou have another kind of herpes.

-(laughter) -All I know is thatwhatever she was holding on to

when she heard the newsdefinitely got snapped in half.

I mean, it couldhave been a pencil,

it could have been a kitten--whatever it was,

there are now two pieces.

Wow. Uh, Michelle,that's quite an image--

a pencil snapped in two.

-So, um...-(laughter)

how do you guys thinkthis unfolded

for Debbie Wasserman Schultzspecifically?

I mean, two days agoshe ran the DNC,

and now she's just gone.

It was bad.It was really bad.

I mean, this situation was likethat Michael Jackson album.

-Bad? -No, Dangerous.

Which was also bad.I mean, they basically

put Debbie Wasserman Schultzon a donkey

and ran her out of town. I mean,her reputation is ruined.

I mean, a mildly corruptperson in politics?

(laughs):She'll never work again.


It's ugly, and I'lltell you why it's ugly.

Because of this.

Debbie knowswhat I'm talking about.


You try walking around with agiant mess of pubes on your head

in this heat.

I mean, 19,000 e-mails,and not one hair tip?

The woman doesn't havea friend in the world.

-(laughter) -If anyoneout there has any advice

on how to not look likea porcupine with a Jheri curl,

let a girl know.

-(laughter)-NOAH: Thank you so much, guys.

This has beenThe Bad, The Good, and The Ugly.