Uncensored - Roasting an Audience Member

Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Jay Oakerson Season 1, Ep 1 04/13/2014 Views: 2,472

Dave Attell invites a woman in the audience to get roasted by Jeff Ross and the rest of the night's comedians. (1:43)

Is there anybody who wouldlike to come up here

and be roastedby Jeff and the crew?

This very cool girl wantsto come up.

What's yourname, sweetie?

My name isJennifer.

Jennifer,from where?

From Philadelphia.

Oh, Philly,there you go.

Oh, that's nice.

By the way you were dressed, Ithought you were from Asgard.


(Dave)Joe DeRosa--Winning it back.

Jennifer, what do you doin Philadelphia?

I am a conservationeducator.

Oh, my God,I gotta jerk off.

I raise baby animals and thenteach kids about them.

(Dave)Oh, really?(Jay)But why?

You raise them?

You do it.

You go in there and putyour tit in the panda's mouth?

Nice one, Jay.

Nice one.

Show meon Jermaine.


Are you herewith a boy tonight?

So you're single.


Of theseguys and/or Zack,

which one would you ratherhang out with?


You like Jay?Yeah!

There you go.

She wants toraise my baby snake.


It's funny howyou pick the one guy

who looks like he doesfight pit bulls,

of the wholecrew up here.

You're a chubby chaser.

Wait a minute!

Well, now I'm kindof hurt by it again.


No, I dig fat,ugly guys.That sucks.

(woman)She is, she is.(Jeff)Really?

She doesn'tcare about looks.

(Dave)She just likes a guy...

It's not just in thefront-- it's height...

Wait, whatdid you say?

(whooping)Oh, we got a winner.

Oh, my God.

You don't gotta chasethat far, he can't run.


(Dave)There goesJen with Cloverfield.

How about a hand for all ourcomics here tonight?

Thank you guys for watching.

I'm Dave Attell.

We'll see you next time.