The ML Carr Jr. III Elite Basketball Camp for Future Stars - Uncensored

More Than a Video Game Season 1, Ep 9 11/30/2016 Views: 1,273

Milk and Jamal discover that the basketball camp that recruited them isn't what they signed up for. (1:26)

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- This place is fancy.

Ooh, they even gotwelcome meatballs.

- And by the looks of things,

I'm easily the hardest dudein this camp.

What's up, Elbows?

We 'bout to dominatethis bitch.

- Welcome to the ML Carr Jr. III

Elite Basketball Campfor Future Stars.

Give yourselves a handfor being invited.


- It's obvious this place isonly for well-trained athletes.

- And Grover said we suck.

- I'ma suckon more of these balls.

- I'm finna serve these foolswith a cherry on top.

You ready, J?

- Shit, ready for lunch.

They got a carve-your-own-prime-rib station.

- Why the hoops ain't down?And where them balls at?

- And now introducingformer NBA World Champion,

the legend, the best benchwarmerthe league has ever known,

the great Jack Haley...hologram.

- Yeah, well, all right, dude! Let's get hype!

Welcome, brethren.

Here you're gonna learn from the greats of the ole pine.

Playing time is for posers.

We can't all be starters, and with our help,

none of you will be.

But at this benchwarmers' camp--

- Benchwarmer camp?- I thought we were elite.

- Behind every Hall of Famer,

there's a benchwarmer yelling his heart out.

Enjoy the camp, gents.

And remember our motto:

No shots, no stress, no shine, no sweat!

Say it with me!

all: No shots, no stress,no shine, no sweat!

No shots, no stress,no shine, no sweat!

- Fuck you mean,no shine?

- No shine?