Exclusive - My Best Effort

Hannibal Buress & Jared Logan Season 1, Ep 1 10/10/2012 Views: 18,029

T.J. Miller was not prepared to write 45 minutes of new material for "Mash Up." Enjoy it, America. (2:25)


[music playing]



-How did the show come about?

I knew this time would come.

I wish your mother was here.

Look at him out there.

A real showboat.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts and I wereworking together in Chicago.

And so we started playing aroundwith the idea of word mashups.

And I thought, well,what if they were

followed by a videoexample of them?

-(AUTOTUNED) Getyour hands up girl.

Put them up.

[dance music]

-So, we kind ofcame up with that.

And Nick Vedera and I workedtogether on a lot of stuff.

He's sort of myproducing partner.

-Hey, I'm Nick Vedera.

I'm one of the producers hereon Comedy Central's "Mashup."

I got to play one ofthe military guys.

-So he came in tohelp produce this.


-And this incrediblytalented cast

apart from Brandon Johnson.

-Hey, everybody,I'm Brandon Johnson

and I play one of thevarious roles on this show.

[rap music]

-TJ is constantly tryingto buy crack from me.

And I told him severaltimes, these are my kids.

They're not drug mules.

-The moments from my stand upthat I chose to put in the show

was largely based on the factthat even just three or five

months earlier, I had filmed aComedy Central stand up special

and I had to quickly write a new40 minutes worth of material.

Recently I flew in between thetwo worst people in the world.

I was in the middle seat.

Coincidentally they werefather and daughter.

The daughter soundedvaguely like this,

"daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy,daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy."

Writers sort of helpedshape that material

and help me because it's somuch material to come up with.

Right now we're trying todo teriyaki and key party--

a popular way of havingintercourse with strangers

during the 1970s.

I was not preparedto have 45 minutes

of television-readymaterial for this show.

So enjoy it, America.

It's my best effort.