Bryan Callen - Sexy

Breuer, Dee, Ramsey, Dominick, Lockhart, DeLarios, Callen Season 2, Ep 5 05/31/2007 Views: 10,579

A man's bare white, hairy thigh is a hot look. (2:19)

Gotham! Let me know!

(cheering, whooping)

(Callen whoops)

What's going on?!

(whooping and applause stop)

(woman whoops)

God, it's amazing-- I just cameup with that move right now.

Whoa! Got a stool,in case I need to sit down.

I like using props,you know what I'm talking about?

That's a stool right there.I don't sit on stools.

A lot of guys sit on stools--not very sexy, all right?

Bang. Is that sexy, guy, huh?

Nah, I don't sit on stools.You know what I do with a stool?

Bang, right there.Look at that, look at that.

Look how hot that isright there.

What's that say to a girlthe minute I walk into a bar?

That says I gota very elastic groin,

that's what it says--look at that.

I'm not even lookingat the chick--

I'm just lookingat my dungarees right now.

That's a hot look.

That's how you warm 'em up,you know what I'm talking about?

You guys listening?Take notes, all right?

Look at me, guy.

All right? Look.

That's how you warm 'em up.

You want to set 'em on fire?

You want to set 'em on fire?Watch this. Ready?

Fire! Look at that!

Look at that! You have no ideahow arched my foot is right now.

I got a crampin the middle of my foot.

I don't give a rat crap.I don't give a rat crap!


My new dungarees.

Lot of times I show up at a bar,I'm not wearing dungarees.

Sometimes I just show up ina pair of 1970s running shorts.

I said it!

I like the 1970s running short.

You can show offthis part of the thigh.

That's a hot look on a man--kind of white and hairy for me.

No? Does nothing for you?




You know what else I loveabout the 1970s running short?

You can let your three-piece setjust duck out the side.

You know what I'm talking about?

Just let it duck out the sideaccidentally on purpose.

Don't show the whole thing.

Just a little bit--just the nubs.

Like, "Oops."


You can't show the whole thing,guy-- you show the whole thing,

it looks like somebody threwa baby bird

against your leg,you know what I'm talking about?

There's nothing sexy abouta dead baby bird on your leg.

You got me, guy?

Pay attentionwhen I'm talking to you.