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Ronny Chieng navigates the political minefield of Trump-based boycotts this holiday season. (4:19)

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- What's happening, people?

The holidays are just around the corner,

which means one thing in America,


Now, you've got tons of hot gift options

to choose from this year.

You know, it could be the iPhone 7,

the Nintendo Classic,

and of course, the very popular internet troll doll.

(audience laughs)

Yeah, I actually have one here.

When you squeeze it, it--

- [Troll] Women ruin Ghostbusters.

- Awe!

Awe, so hateful.

(audience laughs)

For more advice on whatto buy this season,

let's go to Ronnie Chang with

the Daily Show's Holiday Gift Guide.

("Deck The Halls")

- Hey everybody.

Look, we all agree,holiday shopping sucks.

But somehow this yearit's gotten even worse.

- [Reporter] Getting ready to shop this holiday season?

Get ready for a political minefield.

- The growing number of calls for boycotts

against a number of corporations

over their increasinglypolitical executives.

- You see this shit?

Holidays used to be about joy and love,

and trampling each otherto death at Best Buy.

(audience laughs)

Now we gotta worry about politics?

Like, come on,

I can't just buy my brother-in-law a toaster anymore.

Now it has to be a toaster

that supported Bernie in the primaries?

(audience laughs)

Hashtag Bern The Toast.

(audience claps)

Alright, fine.

Let's take a look at what gifts you should avoid

if you're anti-Trump.

- The hashtag grab your wallet movement

is calling for people to shun companies

that either stock Trump family products,

or support the president-elect.

The grab your wallet campaign is calling for people

to stop shopping at Nordstrom, Amazon, Macy's,

even Yuengling brewery.

- Boycott Amazon?

(audience laughs)


You might as well just cancel Christmas then, alright.

Because look, I hate Donald Trump,

but not nearly as much as I hate standing in line

to buy a fucking Xbox.

No, even Gandhi would be like,

let's be reasonable here, okay?

We're talking aboutsame day free shipping.

(audience laughs)

And this year you can't even buy your anti-Trump relatives

new sneakers without someone getting sensitive.

- [Reporter] Some customers posted videos of them

burning and trashingtheir sneakers because,

a New Balance executiveexpressed support

for president-elect Donald Trump's trade policies.

- Okay, apparently some people don't know

what a boycott means.

(audience laughs)

If your protest ends with you reaching into your toilet bowl

and pulling out your soggy, shit stained sneakers,

congratulations you lost.

Let's just say you have to buy a gift

for a pro-Trump loved one.

Don't worry, this shopping shitstorm

is a bipartisan operation.

- [Reporter] GrubHub faced calls for a boycott

after its CEO emailed the entire company,

criticizing Trump's rhetoric.

- [News Anchor] There's agrowing anti-Starbucks campaign,

hashtag Trump Cup,

after a Trump supporterposted a video showing

a Starbucks employee refusing to write the name Trump

on their cup.

- Donald Trump supporters say they plan to boycott

the new Rogue One Star Wars movie,

because they claim partsof the movie were reshot

to add anti-Trump scenes.

- Not Star Wars.

Look, not everything has to be political.

Star Wars is about an evil, power hungry man

and his family tryingto undermine democracy.

Alright, it's just a movie.

It's just a movie.

(audience cheers)

I know.

Like seriously, does anything in this movie clip

even remotely remind you of Trump?

(audience laughs)

- Mmm, maybe wrong was I.

Look, obviously this is

a tense, politicallycharged holiday season.

And there's a lot of passion and anger on both sides.

So, I think the best gift everyone will be happy to receive

is the gift of understanding.

That noise cancelling headphones

are the only fucking way we're gonna make it to New Years.


(audience cheers)

- Thank you, Ronnie.

Happy holidays, everybody.

Yay, yay!

Happy Holidays.

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