Pete Holmes - Sketchy Neighborhood Pt. 1

Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil Season 1, Ep 1 05/12/2013 Views: 21,741

As a friendly-faced fellow, Pete Holmes is a bit out of place in a bad part of Atlanta. (1:49)

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- It's great to be in Austin.

The last show I hadwas in Atlanta.

My travel agent made a mistakeand booked me

in a bad part of Atlanta...

called Atlanta.

That one is rightover the plate, that one.

That is straight show business,that one.

I don't know if you can picturethis friendly-faced fellow

in a bad part of Atlanta,but I was just like...

"Oh, no."

And I don't knowif you've ever been driving

around a sketchy neighborhood

and you do what I doand you start telling yourself

that it's you.

That you're judging theneighborhood inappropriately.

That's what I did.I was like, stop it.

It's fine.

It's different.I like it.

It's just different.

Thank you.What a vibrant community.

Check-cashing places?What a wonderful service.

Those should be everywhere.Thank you very much.

Oh, a Cash4Gold.Thank you so much.

Finally a place to get rid

of this goddamn chest of goldI have,

for I be a pirateback from voyage.

Thank you.

I knew it was a bad area,

because I saw a pimp.

It's 11:00 A.M.I saw a pimp.

How do I knowit was a pimp?

Picture a pimp.

You got him.

Don't alter your first draftof pimp in the least.

I saw a man head to toein a furry purple suit,

a glass canewith a living squid in it,

and Kung Lao's hatfrom Mortal Kombat.

I saw a pimp.


Like the idea of a manwho went

to a costume shop,rented the pimp,

and then proceededto actually pimp within it.

And then never return it,as is the pimp's way.