Facial OCD

Face Time Season 1, Ep 8 12/23/2013 Views: 1,040

Brody obsesses over his facial imperfections after a bad experience with laser hair removal. (1:59)



What-- I mean, what the [BLEEP]are we doing?

I'm looking at my sideburns.Do they look even?



That look better?

I can't tell the difference.

Is my scar noticeable?

No, you know,your scar thing is--

It bothers me. Every dayI look in the mirror, I go--I know.

I think you obsess over thingsthat don't really matter.

I didn't realize his OCD waslike really a thing...

until Zach and Brody and I wouldhang out all the time...

and he just couldn't stoptalking about it.

He's like, "Can I ever be on TV?I have this scar on my face."

Just every day, for years.

You got your scar from laserhair removal, right?


And you were being obsessiveabout your hairline, correct?

No. I was slightly obsessiveabout my hairline...

more so about shaving.

I would shave and I'd get allirritated up on my cheekbone.

And my neck would get bloody,from shaving.

And I met a friend who said,"You know what, Brody?

"You can get laser hairremoval...

"where you don't have toworry about shaving yoursensitive areas."

I'm an Eastern European mutt.

I come from Germany, Hungaria,Russian... and Poland.

That's where I come from.

So my hair is thick and coarse.

So I went in, I got laser hairremoval, and it worked.

And then my skin was outin the sun, it was a little dry.

And they had another girlworking that day.

And she did the laser,and it burnt my skin.

And I'm being honest,it bothers me.

I see myself in cameras,I'm not accepting of it yet.

I see my reflectionin the morning, I'm notaccepting of it yet.

How would you feel if you weregoing in for one thing...

and you go thereand it makes it worse?

ZACH (O.S.)Yeah.

It's like, "Come to our clinic,you'll lose 20 pounds."

But you leave 40 pounds heavier.ZACH (O.S.): Yeah.

That would like be--it would be a mind-eff.