Keith Robinson - Old and Angry

Kevin Hart Presents Keith Robinson: Back of the Bus Funny Season 1, Ep 1 02/21/2015 Views: 2,312

Now that Keith Robinson is older, he gets angry about absolutely everything. (1:57)

Well I'm older now.

You know what Imean, you get older.

You get angrier.

The older you get,the angrier you get.

I wake up yellingfor no damn reason.

Who the [bleep] left the potroast on the kitchen table?

And I live by myself.

I don't even havea damn pot roast.

Technology take advantageof you when you get old.

Like as of a week ago, Iwas still paying for AOL.

I still was payingfor that shit.

I'm going to my family, theygoing to cut my AOL off,

lend me money.

They going to cut it off.

I go to my brother'schurch, right?

My brother's a preacher.

I go to his church, right?

He goes, you don't nevercome here and hear me preach.

All right, I'm going tocome hear you preach.

I go to his church.

He's reading theBible from his iPad.

How evil is that?

And everybody in church gottheir iPad, scrolling along.

What the hell?

I had my iPad on me, butI'm not reading the Bible

from the same shitI got YouPorn on.

I'm not doing that.

I'm scrolling throughSaint Matthews,

all of a sudden, "Big WetBrazilian Asses, Part Four"

pop out of nowhere.

You ever see Part Four?

Here's how I know I got old.

I chase kids forthe first time ever.

You know how old yougot to be to chase kids?

They're outside, playingwith their little soccer

ball right near my car.

Just hitting it against my car.

Yo, hey!


They like-- I'mlike, what the hell?

I said, I told youall to get away.

Shut up, old man.

I just told them, youlittle mother [bleep].

I don't even run like this,but just to be creepier.