Uncensored - Artie Lange - Obese Witherspoon

Russ Meneve, April Macie, Ralphie May Season 1, Ep 4 05/04/2014 Views: 6,958

Dave Attell invites Artie Lange up on stage to kick off the show with the first dirty joke of the night. (1:15)

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Tonight, uh, because we havea real like edgy atmosphere,

I'll be going bymy porn name.

(Dave)Oh, what is that?

Obese Witherspoon.

Now, Artie, you're gonna tellus the first dirty, naughty,

filthy joke of thenight, are you ready?Right.

You asked me to-- to tellthe first dirty joke,

so I wrote somestuff down.Oh.

Oh, here we go.

I'm always prepared,I'm always prepared.

Is everything good,are you ready?

Okay, good.

You can move itaround a little bit.

It's not a recital, okay?

You can move it around.

Oh, is hethe camera guy?(Dave)Yeah.

This is Keenan.

Oh, okay.Keenan, this is Artie.

You handle a cylindricalblack thing very well.



So, Artie, youready to hit us?

All right, are you ready?Uh, how about this?

When is a handjob a blow job?


When the womanis deaf.

(Dave)Oh, come on, that'sfucking funny.

What are you guys, whatwere you doing all day?

Rescuing pugsor something?

Come on.

You got more?You got another one?

All right, howabout this one?

What's the worst partof dating a girl

with an eating disorder?


She'll throw upthe morning after pill.


Everybody, Artie Lange.Obese Witherspoon!