The Stolen Years Collection

Down for Whatever Season 2, Ep 6 05/06/2014 Views: 112,871

For men who just aren't sure yet comes a line of jewelry that promises to keep her waiting forever. (1:06)

(man)She's beautiful, she's smart,

she's sophisticated.


(man)She's your best friend.

(woman)Best friend.

(man)You can't picture yourlife without her.

Or can you?

A little bit.



(man)Give her the gift that keepson giving... you more time.


We're proud to introduce ourStolen Years collection.

Because you're not sureand you probably never will be.

(woman)Stolen Years.

(man)A line of jewelryas gorgeous are her

and as non-committal as you.

(woman)Who's that new chickin marketing?

(man)Stolen Years marks the preciousdays and months you're taking

from her as you carelesslydiddle time away,

trying to figure outif she's the best you can do.

The Stolen Yearscollection.

Give her the giftthat says forever.

I will keep you waitingfor for-(bleep)-ever.