Pete Davidson - Adorable Single Mother

Pete Davidson: SMD Season 1, Ep 1 10/29/2016 Views: 12,412

Pete Davidson loves when his mother goes out to party but finds it confusing that both his mom and sister are dating. (1:16)

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My mom's cool, man.

She's getting old now.It's kind of sad.

Like, she just turned 46,and, like...


Yeah, she still works and...

she still drives.

She's a trouper.

I don't know how she does it.


No, every daythat woman gets up,

I'm like, "You're amazing."

My mom's so old,it's like it's cute now.

Like, whenever she doesanything,

I find it adorableand I'm proud.

Like, I talked to my momthe other day.

She was like, "Last night,I got home

"at, like, 11:30.

I just--I went out forsome drinks with my friends."

And I was like, "[bleep], yeah,you did.

[bleep] Amy.Let's go."

It's weird;my mom's single.

It's a very weird thing.

My mom's single.My sister's a teenager.

It's very weird, you know,

'cause whenever one of thembrings a dude home,

I don't know who he's for.


Like, when I answer the door,I don't know if I'm supposed to,

like, beat him upor, like, play catch.

Like, I have no idea.

I'm like, "Are you my new dad?

You want you see my room?"