Kevin Hart - Welcome to Swagramento

Sacramento Season 1, Ep 4 10/23/2016 Views: 2,280

Kevin Hart sits down in a comedy club's barbershop to interview BT Kingsley, Ellis Rodriguez and JR De Guzman about the Sacramento comedy scene. (2:20)

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We're in a barber shop inside of a comedy club

and I'm sitting here with BT Kingsley,

Ellis Rodriguez, and JR De Guzman.

We're here, man.We're in Sacramento.

Sacramento, man.- Swaggermento.

- That's what you call it here?- Yeah.

- Swaggermento.- Swaggermento.

Nobody believes it,but we rock with that.


- I love the factthat right now we're in

an environment that a lotof people don't know about.

These are rooms, okay?all: Yeah.

- This is--this is--

this is the underground,right here.

People don't knowthat this exists.

What do you feel like,performing

in this type of environment?

Are there fears thatcome with it, would you say?

- Man, my first time here--I mean, I'm, like,

a young kid coming in,and they're just like,

"Just don't be afraid."Just don't be afraid.

And it's like, "All right,what does that mean, right now?"

Like, "What's about to happen?"- Is that what the comics

were telling you,or is that just what

you're telling yourself?- Oh, no,

the comics were telling me.


- You know what I love the most?I love the--

I love the fact thatthe people are in your face.

both: Yeah.- You know, I mean--

granted, now I'm at a--I'm at a space

where I'm performingin arenas and in stadiums,

but I go back to this.

I go back to the roomswhere I started.

I go back and really,really get on the grind,

because you getan immediate reaction.

Those people are right here.They're smack-dab.

So they can't lie to you.- You might be having

a good time with everybody else,and just that one person

that's sitting in front--be like, "I got to this dude."

- Yeah, that one guy.- Just one guy.

- That one guy who's justnot amused at all.

That one guywith the straight face.

- And texting--yeah.- Doing whatever you want.

- First time I came here,they let me know,

"No, no, no, no, no,you're gonna have to come back

with something betterthan that."

They--- They weren't happy

with what you were giving.- They wasn't happy

and they wanted to make sureeverybody else

knew that they wasn't happy.

And then just talkedthrough my whole set

and said stuff about my mama.- There you go.

- Yeah.- Everybody knows

that comedy's here on Sunday,and it's amazing.

But as far as payment goes,

it's a little bit of money.

More than likely,you gonna get wings.

- Hey, there you go.- You gonna get wings.

- I've been paid in food before.- Yeah, absolutely.

- I've been paid. We calledthem, "Food spots," in New York.

My thing isto bring awareness to this.

I want people to understandthat as comedians,

you know, we go through someshit that nobody knows about.

I know--I wasn't paid.

I got paid in the food spots.all: Yup.

- And I want to givecomics like yourselves

a chance to understand that,"Hey, people care.

People watching, man."I want to be an example.

We can all get up out of here.

So when I say that, man,tonight, let's go.

Let's rock.Do what you do best, man.

I'm excited to see y'all.- We appreciate you, man.

- I'm excited to see y'all.- Thank you.

- This is good talk, right now.

Comedy barber shopfrom the Touch of Class

in the underground--'cause it's five spots.

[laughter]- Yeah.