Courtside at a Cost - Uncensored

Cane and Disabled Season 1, Ep 7 11/09/2016 Views: 3,166

After discovering that their seats at a Cavaliers-Clippers game are in the back row, the guys follow Milk's lead into morally murky territory. (2:33)

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- Aye, what's up.I'm Brandy's brother.

Aye, they hooked y'all upwith Twizzlers, too?

- Oh, hell no!

[voice echoing]

- Damn, my dudes, we higher thana white girl at an EDM concert.

- Getting light-headed.[sighs]

I need oxygens.And a honey bun.

- The FREQ got us up herewith the third-tier groupies.

- Somebody gettingme pregnant tonight.

I don't care ifit is Clipper Darrell.

[hip-hop music]

- You see babygirl over there?

Yeah, I'ma make a tapewith her.

- We gotta get out of here.I came to see dunks by LeBron,

not skeets by Ray J.

- Peep, there go threeseats right there.

Let's gank those bitches.

- Come on, man!Those is reserved

for the physicallyunfortunate.

We can't sit there.- Yeah!

How you gonna talkyour way into that?

- My mom saidwe sitting dere.

I took da bus here.

Da driver let mehonk da horn.

It went "beep beep!"

- Here's yourcomplimentary bibs.

And remember, keepyour drool off the floor

and your dick in your pants.

Enjoy the game.

- This shit don'tfeel right, my dudes.

In my souls and everything.- Yeah, I'm with Grover.

- Damn, y'all acting likebitch-ass Minnesota housewives.

I'm untouchable.Check this out.

- Hey, mother--- Der!

- Oh, it's okay,little fella.

- See? Y'all still thinkmy idea was off?

- Yeah.I think I'ma bounce.

Ooh, shit, Bron Bron'scoming our way.

Oh, my God, he touched me.

I'll never jerk offwith any other hand again.

- Special giftsfor our special guests.

- Ooh.- Oh, I see you.

- Damn, she thickerthan a Snicker.

See? Y'all stilltrying to bounce?

- Shit!

[all cheering]


[funky music]

- Hey, kids.I got something for you.

You get the shorts,you get the drawers

and uh, don't mindthe light boo boo stain.

- Damn!You are the king!

- I love you, LeBron.- What he write?

- "Thanks for keeping your dick in your pants.

"The other team could've used you tonight.

"Watch 'Survivor's Remorse' on Showtime--I mean Starz.

Your pal, LeBron."

- Man, ain't nobody tryingto watch that bullshit.

[all laugh]- Yeah, that shit sucks!