Jenny Zigrino - Finding a Man & Good in Bed

Kook Season 3, Ep 4 03/24/2016 Views: 484

Jenny Zigrino reveals the specific combination of attributes that make her especially good in bed. (2:04)

I know what your'e thinking,

You're looking at meand you're like,

"What on Earth is that

slightly skinnierAdele doing onstage?"

Oh, my God.

[cheers and applause]

Thank you.Thank you.

I am a single lady.

Where my single bitches at?

[cheers and applause]

That's right!

I'm cool with it, you guys,

'cause this is the problem,

there aren't a lotof guys out there

with things for girls like me.

You know, it's like,why can't I

find a guy that's like,


"I love neurotic Jewish girlswith psoriasis.



Sir, do you like Jewish girlswith skin conditions?

Well, if you're not doinganything later...

[whispers]I'm ovulating.


I love my job.

This the greatest job.

This is the problem, though,

is that as a female comedian,

which you got to be a strong,powerful woman

to do this, right?

Give it up for strong,powerful women!

[cheers and applause]

But I got to be around dudecomics all the time,

and all they like to talk about

is how bad they are at sex,all the time.

They're always like,

"Oh, my God.I'm so bad at this.

"I don't know what I'm doing.

I thought it was an elbow."

[moans feebly]


But I like to thinkI'm pretty good at it,

and for two reasons.

One, I have self-esteemhigh enough

to where I have confidencein my abilities,

and two, I have self-esteemlow enough

where I'll do whatever you want

so you won't leave me.

That's the best.

Right, 'cause in my headI'm like,

I'm an independent woman!

[whispering]I'm so alone.

I don't need a man!

[whispering]I just need a dad.